Featured Festival:

Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival

For some time, the Curta Cinema Festival has been trying to explore new exhibition venues for short films beyond the official festival’s screenings. The cineclub movement is highly important for disseminating and promoting short films. Curta Cinema has always been very aware of this. In the context of the 25th edition of the festival, we launched in June the Curta Cinema’s Cineclub at the Oi Futuro Ipanema Movie Theater. We had screenings once a month from June to November – always on a Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Admission is free.

This idea emerged from the need to develop a project not only to create an audience attuned to the short film market, but also to arouse interest in cineclub events throughout the year. We believe cineclub activity is the backbone for interesting the public in independent cinema in general. By associating the festival brand with such activity, we are stating that it is not enough to dedicate only one week a year to that kind of film; and that it is also important to have such culture present in people’s everyday lives, shaping and transforming their outlooks. This is a key perception to empower the cultural product we are promoting and divulging. The Oi Futuro’s support was essential to implementing this idea, and we are pleased to know we have partners who share the same objectives.

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Featured Film:

Point and Shoot

When an attempted burglary turns into an unlikely car-jacking, two aspiring criminals learn an important lesson : only practice makes perfect.