The idea for Shortfilm Connection was born in Switzerland in 2014 and ever since its inception, a global team of individuals have been working together to realize the common goal of building a great shortfilm website.

Collectively, we have extensive experience in organizing shortfilm festivals and producing film shorts as well. In addition, we’re great believers in the power of Internet and our aim is to leverage the web to unite all aspects of the shortfilm community.

Our core team consists of:

Stanley Schmitt (Founder) @stanleyschmitt
Alexander Dean (Founder and Concept Contributor) @alecdean
Bruno Guyot (Marketing & SEO) @brunog

Please feel free to contact any of us if you have questions or concerns…

Our commitment
This website will never become finished or static. We intend it to keep it continuously dynamic and progressive, so we hereby make the following commitment:

From Day One, we will listen to you, members of the short film community, and we will develop our site based on your feedback. So, please, tell us what you want and tell us what you need! We are here to help.

-Team SFC