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In the last two decades alone, we’ve seen some astonishing changes in the world. Back in the mid-1990s, we were welcoming electronic mail and the first ‘mobile’ phone devices were introduced as we saw in the new millennium. Even in the mid-2000s, we were still using the very first flip phones and MP3 players, CDs […]

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With all the technology the world has to offer, you would think finding a good amount of viewers from seven billion would be easy. Every year, the internet advances, social media gets even more popular, and the video opportunities get wider for budding filmmakers. If you’ve decided to create a short film this year, you […]

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How to Produce a Professional Short Film with Less than $5,000 For many years, there has been a misconception surrounding short films; they cost a significant amount of money. However, we’re here today to prove that this isn’t quite true. Sure, you could end up paying tens of thousands on equipment, location, and actors and […]

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Filmmaking is difficult. What is more difficult than that is to manage a diverse audience for the film, to get an impartial critic who will watch and critic on the work, to achieve recognition for the work. This is where online film festivals become super relevant to budding potentials. Your surrounding can be adverse, but […]

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During the Christmas break, the SFC team took time to clean up our Festival database. It was nothing serious – we just made sure that all our links were working, that festivals were up to date, URLs were correct, and so on. We found a few festivals that were canceled a few years ago, or re-named. […]

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Why Quality? When we started collecting short films for SFC, we were not sure what criteria we would apply. Then someone asked us, candidly, to explain the difference between the website we were intending to build (SFC) and YouTube. Their point was well taken! We quickly understood that a big chunk of of our website’s […]

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The Internet is a fantastic way of promoting your videos online and there are a number of avenues for doing so, each with their own benefits. Whilst there is some scepticism about the Internet as a means of promoting short films it can be a very lucrative channel for a number of reasons. The biggest […]

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