Alpavirama film festival

Alpavirama film festival

Type: Regular shortfilm festival
Location: Ahmedabad, India
Start Month: September


At the Film & Video Communication department in the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India we have been promoting short filmmaking for over two decades now.

Submission Requirements:

Any format accepted. Betweem 3 and 30 minutes long. Films must have been produced by a young person (under 30 years old) and two years before the festival. Productor must be a citizien of and ordinarily a resident in any of the SAARC countries. The subject matter of the film should also broadly deal with South Asia.

Submission Deadline: July


None or Unknown

Awards / Prizes:

Golden Comma

Contact: Arun Gupta (


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Festival Staff

Arun Gupta ---> Festival Contact
Primary Contact for Festival

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