Annual Penca Short-Film Festival

Annual Penca Short-Film Festival

Type: Regular shortfilm festival
Location: San Juan, Argentina
Start Month: March


The festival is run entirely by the collective (Colectivo Penca > Cactus Collective). Over the course of eight years, The Penca Short-Film Festival has converted itself into an event that is anticipated year-round by the community and to this date remains the only of its kind to sustain itself in the province. The demographic attracted to the festival can be described as “people of all ages fromall walks of life.”

Submission Requirements:

The format must be DVD-PAL, .avi or .mov, codec h264, in high definition at 1280×720, 25fps, stereo 48,000khz.

Submission Deadline: January


None or Unknown

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Ana Gim ---> Festival Contact
Primary Contact for Festival

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