Film sharing Low and No Budget VideoFilmfestival Tour

Film sharing Low and No Budget VideoFilmfestival Tour

Type: Regular shortfilm festival
Location: Stuttgard/Mainz/Helibronn/Tour, Germany
Start Month: July


After arriving in Germany in 2006, it further included the “Goethe and Schiller-city” Weimar and was themed “Geld spielt keine Rolle” (“money is not an issue”/”it’s only money”).

Since 2007, the festival took place in Heilbronn, Stuttgart, Mainz and Schwäbisch Gmünd (new in 2011) as an independent art, film and music festival. After the screenings in these cities, parts of the festival went on tour.
It is a highlight in the local sub-culture scene.

One aspect of the festival is that it tours like a circus and tries to find its audience on a non-commercial basis.
Filmmakers characterized by creativity and idealism get the opportunity to present their films to a wide audience.
For the audience, this promises good films that possibly fall through the cracks of commerce.

Submission Requirements:

Films can be from any production year. We accept various video systems/formats

Submission Deadline: April


None or Unknown

Awards / Prizes:

None or Unknown

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