International Euro Film Festival

International Euro Film Festival

Type: Regular shortfilm festival
Location: Marbella, Spain
Start Month: January


Eurofilm International Festival is a contest that rewards the top 5 jobs each country participating in each category competition.
International EuroFilmFestival counts as an honorary member of the prestigious International actor Andy Garcia, also participate and support this prestigious pageant filmmakers who have also received special awards like the Almodóvar brothers, the legendary Sancho Gracia and his son Rodolfo Sancho versatile actor or film directors Responsible aware in the film as chosen by Darren Aronofsky FAADA Foundation or the famous actris Asumpta Serna.
The Festival also has a clear social commitment and is based on the values of the RS, Social Responasbilidad, which is why the winners will be selected by the quality of its work and shall comply with the ethical standards of the pageant including those related to standards of respect in film productions to the animals treating them with great respect and consideration.

Submission Requirements:

Parts, films and short films will be accepted at any year and any language, the work must be submitted by its creators, if not by its creator must have the permission of that. The deadline for submission of papers will be announced on the festival website in time and to find out this information, they can access participants. The organization reserves the right to modicar registration dates festival, event dates online registration prices.

Submission Deadline: December


You can be one of our winers in the most importan festival in Europe.

Awards / Prizes:

You can be one of our winers in the most importan festival in Europe.

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