Ljubljana International Short Film Festival

Ljubljana International Short Film Festival

Type: Dedicated shortfilm festival
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Start Month: May


Liffe has been placing cinema in its historical context for quite some time now, mainly through theme and national retrospectives. This year, our Technicolor 100! retrospective is paying tribute to the technical innovation that in 1915 introduced the method of colour motion picture, and it was Technicolor, the trademark of colour film production from Massachusetts, that was the most reliable and efficient system of colour superimposition during the pioneering days of colour cinema and also further on. Problems did occur, though: during the silent era, colour film was considered artificial, surreal, overly aestheticised, and met with the claim that cinematic reality is intrinsically black-and-white! Ironically, today the same applies to (equally scarce) black-and-white production that has grown to become an aesthetic statement; reality simply cannot be portrayed using the monochromatic technique!

This year, our theme retrospective will include only colour films, which doesn’t mean that the festival programme won’t feature some specimens of contemporary black-and-white cinema. They are well worth seeking out, at the very least for the simple reason of determining whether the present-day reality truly is ‘visually artificial’.

Submission Requirements:

DVD (Pal)

Submission Deadline: January


No Entry Fee

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Contact: 3littlewolves@gmail.com

Website: http://www.liffe.si/index.php/en

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