Short Shorts Film Festival

Short Shorts Film Festival

Type: Dedicated shortfilm festival
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Start Month: June


US Academy Award accredited, International Short Film Festival from Japan, Asia’s largest. In order to introduce the “short film” as a new video genre in Japan, Tetsuya Bessho of is also a member actor of the US Screen Actors Guild (SAG), as “American Short Shorts Film Festival” in 1999 as a founder in Harajuku, Tokyo birth.
The first year was short film also 6 work screening of a student of the famous George Lucas in the movie “Star Wars”, also I have received a cheer every year thereafter.
In 2001 it renamed as the “Short Shorts Film Festival (SSFF)”, in 2004 and has been certified as a US Academy Award accredited film festival. As a result, the Grand Prize of the Film Festival, it means entering the nominated selection of Academy Award short story department of next year, it is young to hand the Oscar statuette from Japan was able to bridge to the possibility of appearance.
In addition, it was born in the same year from the promotion purposes of dissemination and up-and-coming young filmmakers from Asia of a new visual culture “Short Shorts Film Festival Asia (SSFF AISA co-hosted: Tokyo)” was born, now, is this two Film Festival It has been held as’ s “SSFF & ASIA”. Screening content, including the Official Competition, such as “music”, “environment”, “CG animation”, it has been configured in a variety of categories of programs.
In 2008, founded a short film professional theater, the Brillia Short Shorts Theater in Yokohama Minato Mirai. To mobilize a total of 320,000 people in the past as the film festival. To fulfill the role of enlightenment short films as well as expand its activities area in Japan, this film festival young creators flapping in the world will continue to support.

Submission Requirements:

Produced since January 1 two years before festival. Japanese Premieres.

Submission Deadline: December


None or Unknown

Awards / Prizes:

Grand Prix, International, Asia, Japan, Jury, Audience, Student Jury; over US$60,000 in prizes



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