Visual Music Award 2016

Visual Music Award 2016

Type: Regular shortfilm festival
Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Start Month: July


The Visual Music Award 2016 is an international creative competition for works on music visualizations from the fields of new media art, experimental film or animation. Submission deadline is May 9th 2016!

History: The avant-garde-artists of the “Absolute Film” movement worked on visionary film experiments. They created visual symphonies from animated images which they composed on film according to their perception as artists. These were called “paintings in time”, ”visual music”, “symphonies of light and sound”, “cinematic paintings”, “color light music” or “space light art”. The Visual Music Award 2016 is an international call for works addressing artists working in the field of “visual music”. Invited for participation are independent creative artists and designers as well as students in the disciplines of new media art, experimental film, music video and allied disciplines. Companies and agencies are invited to participate with visual music contributions if they think these fit with our conditions. In 2016 there will also be a special category, the Visual Music Live Contest. This category covers all visual music works with “live & interactive” features. These are live-performances, VJing-performances, interactive applications (i.e. Apps / experimental sound-image-generators and the like) as well as installations (space / light / image / sound).

Submission Requirements:

In order to participate, the contributions must be submitted in time (deadline May 9th 2016) to the INM-Institute for New Media in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, labeled “Visual Music Award 2016”.

Submission Deadline: May


no fees

Awards / Prizes:

Up to 10 of the best submitted “Visual Music” and up to three of the best “Live & Interactive” works will be honoured including the first prizes and one optional special prize. This year’s prize winners and awardees will receive a certificate and also prizes by our sponsors as well as a unique presentation of their works at the evening of the prize ceremony on July 1st 2016 in Gelnhausen, the birthplace of abstract film pioneer Oskar Fischinger. Your works will be presented on a big screen in the Gelnhausen cinema – which was voted as the best “Hessian Cinema 2013”.

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