Viva Film Festival

Viva Film Festival

Type: Dedicated shortfilm festival
Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Start Month: September


1. General Provisions
VIVA FESTIVAL is a permanent event in the field of culture and art, the founder and organizer is the VIVA Association from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the same time domestic and international competitive film festival artistic achievements in the field of documentary film and video (electronic).The festival is held in Sarajevo, once a year, takes a maximum of four days.
2. Program
The festival has two main program components: Official Program Accompanying, noncompetitive projections, workshops and other content. The rights to apply have free and legal producers registered for the production of films and filmmakers.
Foreign films and films that are made in the languages of the territory of the former Yugoslavia (except Macedonia and Slovenia) can be translated into Bosnian, Serbian or Croatian language (subtitles or synchronization, or send us dialogue list!).
Movies that were made in the languages of the territory of the former Yugoslavia (except Macedonia and Slovenia) can be subtitled in English, or send us dialogue list !
The festival includes programs that do not have competitive character, such as retrospectives, interviews with authors, exhibitions, workshops.
The Festival reserves the rights of final decision on the program in which the film will be shown.
Movies can be short, medium length or long feature.
Competition has four categories:
1. Religion (its themed films that promote the specifics of religion, in order to rapprochement, understanding and inter-religious tolerance);
2. Ecology (films that its theme promote the natural heritage of their countries in order to encourage the development of environmental awareness);
3. Tourism (films that its theme promote the tourism potential of country of origin).
4. Youth BiH (films produced by the young filmmakers from Bosnia And Herzegovina)

Submission Requirements:

Reporting Requirements:
Domestic and international films are submitted to the Festival and compete in categories.
The Festival shows films that are in the following formats: mp4, mov, h264 (minimum resolution of HD format) (we accept youtube, vimeo, wetransfer, or other servers)
Submitted films can not be withdrawn from the festival program;
The final decision on the Festival programs adopted by the Council on the basis of proposals selection committee and artistic director;
Film is not charged.
The director or the person who reported the film undertakes not to withdraw the film from the festival after the announcement of the official program of the Festival. The director, producer and distributor of the winning films undertake to publish the award in official and promotional materials, as well as during the distribution of the film.
Films presented in competition at the previous festivals VIVA will not be considered for selection.
By signing the application form, filmmakers is accepted rules of the Festival.
Sending Movies
Film (s), together with the completed application form should be sent to the following address:
VIVA Association
(For VIVA Festival)
ul.Stupska 19/1
71210 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
or via email:
All incoming costs are borne by the sender.
The Festival is responsible for the storage and safekeeping of film copies only when the shipment was taken.
In case of loss or damage copies of the organizer is obliged to cover the cost of materials – for that purpose it is necessary to specify the cost of materials.
Deadline for submission of films selected for the competition part of the program no later than 30 days before the start of the Festival.

Submission Deadline: June


no fees.

Awards / Prizes:

Official awards may be diplomas, plaques, statues and cash prizes:
Grand Prix Festival – for the best overall film festival
Best Movies Of Religion (Golden, Silver and Bronze Tree)
Best Movies On Ecology (Gold, Silver and Bronze Butterfly)
Best Movies Tourism Area (Gold, Silver and Bronze Clapper)
Best Youth BiH Film (Gold, Silver and Bronze Camera).
If the quality of your work, the Jury may award at a special award for directing, animation, music, design, script and camera. The final amount of cash prizes will be determined Tips Festival depending on the budget.
Special prizes may be awarded: Festival, professional bodies, professional organizations, NGOs, media, etc.



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