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Online Film Festivals, the New Paradigm

Filmmaking is difficult. What is more difficult than that is to manage a diverse audience for the film, to get an impartial critic who will watch and critic on the work, to achieve recognition for the work. This is where online film festivals become super relevant to budding potentials. Your surrounding can be adverse, but you always have the internet as your helping hand.

Experience tells us that getting the opportunity to show films at a big festival is not easy. Even the relatively small festivals often demand a big amount of money as a submission fee. Once the screening Is finished, your audience does not get to see the film again.

Online film festivals often do not have grandeur as live festivals. But the power lies on their ability to reach millions of people around the world. For example, an amateur director from India submitted his work in a festival in Milan. There is very little chance that a satisfactory number of people from his native country would join the festival. But in online festivals, it is the festival which reaches the audience. Motivation is a great element in the beginning phase of a cinema worker. Big live events often take submission fees from all of its participants and pick only a few for screening. This rejection may have a deadening effect on a young worker. On the other hand, online film festivals often try to screen as many films as possible, and even try to encourage the participants with a prize and recognition.

There are a lot of websites where you can know about different types of online film festivals and their regulations. When you are going through these, try to read the reviews and comments from people sharing their experiences. Some festival demand submission fee from the participants. Try to be aware and search about it. As an amateur or young director, you may want to avoid the risk of being deceived.

Online film festivals can be called the made-easy tool built to help you build up your career as a director. If you have an idea in mind and thinking that it may bring you something good, go for it right now. The field is open for you now.


The Monthly Film Festival (TMFF)

The name almost suggests everything about it. TMFF is probably the most famous film festival currently on the web. TMFF accepts both short films and feature-length films (up to 140 minutes) from budding directors. Your film has to be made in or after 2013. You also need to provide an English subtitle because TMFF has the audience from almost 100 different countries. TMFF accepts films of any genre and even music videos and only screenplays. The submission starts in and after 25th day of each month. SO this month you can submit a work of yours!

The sole purpose of TMFF is to create a space where independent filmmakers can stand to speak for their projects, to gain a considerable of recognition.  TMFF has a jury board consisting of professionals in screenplay writing, acting, direction, production and cinematography. This festival declares winners of the month.

The Online Film Festival (TOFF)

The rules are pretty much the same as the previous one. You have to submit the film in Vimeo or Youtube, but cannot make it public. Only the films which are not available online are eligible to participate in the competition. The viewers have to vote to make their favorite film winner of the festival.


Tribeca Online Film Festival

Tribeca film festival, one of the most prestigious film events in USA, has both live and online film festival. The festival began in 2002 with a purpose to revive the Tribeca neighborhood of Lower Manhattan after the destruction of September 11, 2001. Since 2009, the festival authority is making some films available online for a period of time after their debut in the live festival. The discussion on the panel is also available in Youtube channel of the festival. If you are not New York dwellers, the festival is only to watch for you.

The rules and regulation of the festival is very sophisticated, compared to the other online festivals. Besides, you need to make a account in the Tribeca website, to watch the films.

The International Web Fest

This UK based Film Festival has been running since 2014 and already earned significant reputation among young filmmakers. Short films (up to 15 minutes) and web series with at least one episode can be submitted in this competition. As mentioned above, the filmmakers cannot make their work public on the internet while the fest is going on. The festival offers prizes not only for the screenplay and direction, but also for best male and female roles, sound design, costume design and other aspects of filmmaking. Besides, the jury board selects at least one best short film and web series from each of the continents.


The Oliver Awards

This Spain-based online film fest covers a lot of area than other ones. The competition in not solely based on your short film but on your YouTube channel. If you are video blogger or if you run a YouTube channel to provide people entertainment, information and other stuff, The Oliver Award is a great opportunity for you to gain some recognition.  The theme of Oliver Award 2016 is channel which is based on Beauty, Gaming, Life Style and Vlog. Your channel must have at least 100 subscribers before you apply for the fest. The winners will be provided air tickets to attend the Gala events in Spain.

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