Bonfire  (12min)

Genre: Drama
18+: No
Year: 2014
Director: Jason Jeffrey
Country: Canada
Language: English
Subtitles: None


When the three of us initially sat down to talk about the story, we discussed how deeply young women can effect one another, a lot of the time in a negative manner, and tried to put that under a microscope. We always saw Bonfire as an homage to how much young women seek being a part of something, and how much they seek to please each other. Bonfire is very much a satire of what it is to be independent. Or at least what independence might look like through Jen and Emily’s jaded point of view, and Faye’s rose coloured glasses. When coming up with the characters we loved the idea of showing girls who wanted so badly to separate themselves from the herd, but in the search for independence, they ended up loosing a lot of themselves.


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