Breathe  (15min)

Genre: Thriller
18+: No
Year: 2011
Director: Darrel Tan Hyon-Lè
Country: Malaysia
Language: English
Subtitles: None


The world was once an open place, a true level playing field. There was no barbed wire, no red eyed armed battalion waiting for you when you want to explore the planet you are born into. You can be born anywhere, you can go anywhere. It sounds like a sweet mythology today. But deep inside we long for it. Sam Yazdanpanna also does. Or at least this is what we see in his ‘Breath’. Human beings are always haunted by the lives they have already lived. It becomes acute when someone leaves the very place of his birth and gets detached from the blood relations for good. You may go out of sight but you cannot ignore the inner bleeding which happens due to separation between you and your dear ones. This is what has actually been depicted in Sam Yazdanpanna’s short film ‘Breath’.


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Darrel Tan Hyon-Lè ---> Credit

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