Waterproof  (5min)


Genre: Thriller
18+: No
Year: 2017
Director: Andreas Steinkogler
Country: Austria
Language: English
Subtitles: None


“The basis of all things is water. Everything is made up of water, and to water everything returns.”

Water, in which everything once formed, represented the primordial element, the very principle of being, to Thales von Milet. 
Water is life – we spend our first nine months cosily immersed in it – it also symbolises the depths of our soul, the end of life and “In dreams, birth is regularly expressed through a relationship with water.” (S.Freud)

What if this nourishing resource were carelessly destroyed, in an act similar to matricide?
Is humanity doomed to fail in the attempt to save itself, from its own folly?
And must some pay the debts which others, less frugal, have wastefully accumulated?


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Andreas Steinkogler ---> Credit

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