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There are currently 10 Promotional Spaces on shortfilmconnection.com. All of the spaces are in very visible locations on the website. SFC Members can use these spaces to promote anything they like as long as it is relevant to the world of shortfilm (as determined by an SFC Admin). The spaces can hold either images or video files and they can be either dedicated or shared with other members.

Here are a list of the promotional spaces currently available:
Homepage: 0-3 spaces
Perfect for anything you want to promote. This page receives the highest amount of traffic and they are the only spaces that are visible to non-members and without logging in.

Dashboard: 1 space
After login, members are taken to the dashboard, so one of their first impressions will be this promotional space.

Business Directory: 2 spaces
These spaces are probably be the best for industry related businesses looking for exposure.

Explore Shortfilms: 2 spaces
These spaces are the obvious choice for promoting shortfilms or shortfilm contests, etc…

Explore Festivals: 2 spaces
These spaces are the best choice to promote upcoming festivals or festival related services.

So, how can SFC Members get some promo time in these spaces? Easy… By earning SFC Chips and then scheduling and purchasing time in the space. In a future version of the website, we will probably accept monetary payment, but for now we’re only accepting SFC Chips. Our philosophy is simple: When our members help us create content and an active website, we will reward them by promoting their message on the site. If you want to learn more about earning SFC Chips, visit the Ways to Earn SFC Chips wiki page.

If you would like purchase a promotional space, then please review the following Terms and Conditions and Pricing Matrix, and then submit the form at the bottom of this page.

Terms and Conditions
1. All SFC Promotional Spaces are first come / first serve and we cannot guarantee that we will have space available when you need it. We maintain a calendar which enables us to schedule spaces well in advance, so we suggest you plan ahead.
2. All promotional content is subject to review and approval by an SFC Admin before publication on the site. We will not publish anything that is deemed offensive, hurtful, or not relevant to the shortfilm theme.
3. We will not honor chip balances that we determined were achieved by manipulating the system.
4. All Promotional Space purchases must be completed with 48 hours of the desired start time unless otherwise approved.
5. All content for the promotional spaces much adhere to the technical specifications listed later on this page.

Technical Requirements for Content
1. Images / Banners should be have a 4:3 aspect ratio. We recommend submitting a 640px * 480px image, although this size will be scaled to fit the viewer’s screen resolution.
2. If choosing an Image / Banner as your content type, then please be ready to specify a target URL to which the image should be linked.
3. If you would like to run a video promotion, we request that you host the video on YouTube and then simply submit the link to us. If you absolutely can’t host the video on YouTube, then we can host the video for you on shortfilmconnection.com, but there is a 25% additional fee incurred for this service (to be paid in SFC Chips).

Purchase Promotional Space

If you would like to purchase promotional space with your SFC Chips, please submit the form below and we will reply within 24 hours with further information.

Note: By submitting the form below you agree to the aforementioned Terms and Conditions for SFC Promotional Spaces.

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