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YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion?

The Internet is a fantastic way of promoting your videos online and there are a number of avenues for doing so, each with their own benefits. Whilst there is some scepticism about the Internet as a means of promoting short films it can be a very lucrative channel for a number of reasons. The biggest reason of course is the fact that the Internet provides access to a worldwide community whilst having very low barriers to entry. Despite popular believe the Internet isn’t reserved purely for free publications and there are many different ways that producers can monetise the films that they release online.

YouTube has to be the most well-known online video channel, owned by Google it boasts literally billions of views per day. The massive audience makes YouTube a great place for hosting and promoting short films and other videos. YouTube also features prominently in Google search results which provides another potential marketing avenue for any videos that you upload.
The downside is that YouTube is a tool used for many different things and as such it does require some expertise and some tweaking to mould it to suit your individual requirements.


Vimeo is another great online space for video sharing and promotion. Vimeo does not have as large a community as YouTube but it does have a very active and trendy community. Because of this Vimeo is well suited to the short film space. In addition Vimeo has the facility to sell videos on a rental, subscription or outright purchasing basis. This allows for producers to easily monetise their videos whilst also leveraging the Internet marketplace.

Daily Motion has similar monetisation options to Vimeo also allowing users to sell and rent out short films and other videos. Very popular in France, Daily Motion has the advantage of also offering a revenue sharing program. For users that don’t want to directly sell their videos this program allows for you to give away the videos for free but still make an income through a share of the advertising income generated by the video content itself.

All of these services are great mediums for online video promotion and in reality a combination of all 3 is the best option for a successful marketing campaign. Vimeo is perhaps the most beneficial though as it is well suited in terms of its audience to the short film industry and also because of the multiple monetisation options that are available.

-SFC Team

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